Alumna Profile: Bee Herz

Bee (Rebecca) Herz is living in Boulder, CO and is going back to school for her Master's Degree in Psychology/Counseling.   She shares some of her favorite memories from her time at Mercy (1970-1975).

Mercy Graduation Year: I attended Mercy from 1970--1975 (1st through 6th grade).

Post Mercy Education: I graduated from University of Cincinnati with a BFAID (Industrial Design).

What You’re Doing Now: I am single and have no children and have lived in a ski resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the last 10 years. Professionally, I worked as an industrial designer in NYC, Boulder, and L.A. and then migrated to marketing and sales for IT companies (hardware and software) in the L.A. and San Francisco areas. Over the course of the last 10 years, I became more spiritual and involved with hospice and that led to becoming a psychic medium. Currently, I am getting ready to go back to school to obtain my masters degree in psychology / counseling.

Favorite Mercy Memories: I really don’t think there is space to write about all of the fond memories with student friendships and unique experiences I recall from my years at Mercy. The whole experience was just terrific. If I had ever had children, I certainly would have wanted them to experience the same type of education. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Some of my fondest memories from Mercy are of Sister Aloyse, Sister Jacinta, and Monty Montessori. Monty was Sister Jacinta’s little Yorkie who was in our classroom area (extremely cutting edge for a school). He was lively and soothing at the same time and so perfect.
  • I’ve always held Sister Aloyse in my heart. She has the most gentle spirit. Her warmth and kindness were perfect qualities for my learning environment. Her teaching methods certainly resonated with me then and they’ve had a lasting positive influence on my life.
  • I have great memories of our school “learning trip” to Washington D.C., Boston, and Plymouth Rock. It was Mercy Montessori’s first van trip. I am glad that students continue to take learning trips; as at least for me traveling is the best teaching tool available.
  • One year the entire student body performed for Maria Montessori’s son, Mario Montessori. It was an exciting event for the whole school.

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