The Mercy Montessori Parents Association is excited to announce our new name change to the Mercy Montessori Family Association. The primary goal of the organization is to build community within Mercy Montessori and we feel like this change helps us to continue to evolve as we focus on that mission. The name change is part of a broader shift in philosophy as we want to truly acknowledge the entire community that is involved in helping develop the amazing young people we have at this school. We want to send a welcome message to all of those great role models in our young people's lives and let them know that we want them to attend our events, get involved, and help build community here regardless of whether they are a caregiver or parent.

We will be focusing heavily on inclusivity this year and the name change truly helps keep us focused on that core value to our mission. We also love that this is a reminder to our community that this organization is part of the broader Mercy family, alongside the many volunteer efforts and great work of the Boosters, DEIB committee, Girls Scouts, Girls on the Run, and the many other great opportunities for our children to connect and grow outside of the classroom. Our hope is that we collaborate even more with these great organizations and our name change serves to remind us that we are all many parts to the same body, with very similar missions!

Feel free to direct any questions to the new MMFA email address at:

"Years ago when my first child was a newborn, a family of four children in the neighborhood came by with a baby gift. I didn't know the children well but as they stood hopefully on my doorstep, I thought, "Oh no! The last thing I need is visiting children." To my delight, they were wonderfully courteous and surprisingly conversant. I was just amazed. "I want to get to know the mother of these children," I thought, "because I want to learn how to raise my child to be just like them." Over the next few months I asked the mother the secret to raising such wonderful kids. Her answer: "I've got two words for you—Mercy Montessori."