Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Mercy Montessori strives to strengthen our community and broaden our vision and understanding of living mercy and seeking justice to build a truly authentic and inclusive community. Guided by our Mercy mission, we deepen our understanding and appreciation of a diverse community and recognize the ongoing opportunities in listening to and learning from one another. 

Our school strives to exemplify a microcosm of our greater society by enrolling a diverse student body. Our unique, income-based sliding tuition scale, commitment to diversity in our student body, and our focus on educating children with diverse abilities and learning differences support us in achieving this mission. 

One of our school’s areas of focus is the Sisters of Mercy Critical Concern of Racism. Our goal is to educate all of our students to embrace others and to be advocates for issues of equity and social justice both within our walls and in our greater world. 

Please view our documents below outlining our work and accomplishments, and other information about our DEIB efforts.