Junior High

“In the soul of the adolescent, great values are hidden, and in the minds of these boys and girls there lies all our hope of future progress.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

The Mercy Montessori adolescent program was started in 1992.  We are proud to be the first such program in Cincinnati.  We founded our adolescent program upon the philosophy of Maria Montessori, the charism of the Sisters of Mercy, and best practices of adolescent education.

We believe the work of early adolescence is finding their place in their community.  Activities are designed to help adolescents answer the question, "How do I fit in?"  Overnight adventures, student planned trips, group initiatives, and exposure to the local community through service projects are integral activities to lead students to develop their place.

The work of the adolescent is an academic pursuit as well.  Our program is organized to foster the development of new abstract thinking skills that emerge in this stage of development.  Academic structures include interdisciplinary instruction, heterogenous learning groups, flexible schedules, and a developmentally challenging set of knowledge and skill objectives.

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