Donor-Advised Funds, Stock Transfers, Estate Gifts, and Named Scholarships

Donor-Advised Fund

If you have a donor-advised fund, you can request a grant be made to Mercy Montessori from your fund. If your grant administrator needs verification of our tax-exempt status, our EIN number is #31-1578538.

Did you know you can suggest multi-year grants that are distributed on a regular schedule?

You can request an annual gift to Mercy Montessori be granted on a specific date every year. Check with your fund administrator for more information.

Have you created a final distribution plan for your donor-advised fund?

You can create your legacy plan by setting up fund distributions that occur after your lifetime. Check with your fund administrator on how you can name Mercy Montessori as a beneficiary of your donor advised fund after your lifetime.

Stock Transfer

When making a gift in the form of a stock, bond or mutual fund transfer, please email Kristin Weiss at for instructions.

Estate Gifts

The simplest way to leave assets to Mercy Montessori is through your will or living trust. A simple sentence in your will or living trust helps ensure that Mercy Montessori can continue its mission for years to come. “I give to Mercy Montessori, a nonprofit corporation currently located at 2335 Grandview Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45206, [write amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] for its unrestricted use and purpose.”

Named Scholarship Fund

To establish a named endowment fund of $50,000 or greater (which can be achieved through a one-time gift or through several gifts during a mutually agreeable period of time), please notify the school of your intent to fund it, the title/name by which it is to be known, and any reasonable restrictions regarding the recipients. Any restrictions must be consistent with the mission and policies of Mercy Montessori Center. We will then execute an endowment agreement and invest the funds to generate income. Only the income generated by the endowment fund’s principal is disbursed.

Please contact our advancement office for additional information or to chat more about the different options for making a gift to Mercy Montessori. Thank you for your support!

Kristin Weiss
Director of Advancement
(513) 559-4914