Summer Building Updates & Improvements at Mercy

Mercy’s buildings and grounds are getting some upgrades this summer!  Our fantastic facility managers (Chris Byrnes, Jim Lohre, Eddie Elliott, Tresor Kalala, Earl Hearst, and Matt Gilbert) have been hard at work all around the building this summer, giving our walls a fresh coat of paint, shining the floors, and making Mercy even more safe and beautiful for our community.  Here are a few highlights from their recent work:

  • Speed Bumps in Parking Lot - The first thing you’ll notice are three new speed bumps in our parking lot.  This should help enforce the 5MPH speed limit and keep everyone safe. 
  • Stairway and Wood Decking on Outdoor Playground - With help from our friends at Russell Wiesman Builders, our outdoor playground will get a new set of stairs and the red wood decking is being replaced.
  • 9-12 Teachers’ Workspace - The 9-12 teachers have a beautiful new space to plan and work between classes.  Their former office space has been renovated to include new cabinets, countertops, and more storage.
  • Junior High Locker Room Floor - New wood/laminate flooring was installed in the junior high locker room.
  • Junior High Kitchenette Floor- New flooring was installed in the junior high kitchenette.
  • New Gym Floor - The gym floor is in the process of being replaced with new rubberized surface.
  • Hillside Storage Shed - A new shed was installed behind the Sisters' houses for upper elementary students to store their playground equipment and games.
  • Cleaning, Painting, Shining, and Shading - Throughout the building our staff have been hard at work.  They have cleaned the carpets, stage, and pool changing room; painted the pool changing room, greenhouse, dining room, and 4th floor hallway; shined the chapel floor, re-grouted the dining room floor, and installed new curtains in the pool changing room and in the dining room.