Reflections from the Junior High Odyssey Trip

Each fall, our Junior High students start their year with an Odyssey Trip.  This year, they journeyed to Camp Campbell Gard and experienced a ropes course, team building activities, interactions with nature and animals, archery, and evening campfires.  The Odyssey Trip is an important part of the Montessori adolescent experience.  The adventure-based setting provides an opportunity for community building as well as personal growth and leadership development.

Part of Montessori field experiences is related packet work.  These assignments include personal reflections about the experience.  Here are some of the questions with a student’s response:

How do you plan to use your character strengths to contribute to the community on this trip? I will use kindness, humor, and bravery to help people be more kind, have some laughter, and try new things. (Maya)

What inspired you today? When we all worked together playing Human Clue. (Eva)

What personal successes did you have? I am afraid of heights, and I went to the very top of the high ropes (Eliza)

What successes did the group have? The majority of people overcame their fears and went for activities that really scared them.  We did very well on the high ropes course. (Mia)

What was the most meaningful experience for you personally? I think the most meaningful experience for me was the low ropes course because it helped me get to know my classmates better.  (Maddie)

What is one thing you discovered about  yourself? I discovered my good leadership skills (Leigh)