Mercy’s Wildflower Hill

Wildflower Hill on Mercy’s campus started with Doug Lambert’s vision to turn an “ugly” hillside, un-mowable because of its steep grade, into something beautiful for all to enjoy. This hill is front and center, down from the Farmessori and across from Mercy’s front entrance. If you know Doug, he is an avid seed saver who may talk to you about plants one day and give you a nondescript brown lunch bag full of seeds the next. He enjoys tinkering and experimenting with plants, and he is patient. The plan is to hopefully have flowers and changing colors for (almost) every season. Thanks to Farmessori students who helped with the first seed plantings, parents and staff for their plant donations along the way, and Mercy’s own campus that provided additional plants to divide and transplant, the hill is beginning to flourish. When you next see the hill, check out the new border and repurposed rock accents, as well as the plants that so far have survived deer nibbles and the often hot dry summer, like zinnias, cone flowers, salvia, forsythia, rose of sharon, viburnum, shasta daisies, and black eyed susans.