Junior High Field Study: Day Four – The Freedom Trail

Can you walk in one's presence if they're dead? Honestly?

Today I realized how important social ranking was.   I had always known it was important, but now I realized that people felt so strongly about how much money you owned, instead of who you were, that even Churches had a method using social ranking.  Social ranking can make you feel either lower or higher than you really are.  It's sad to think that social ranking is still around today.  We all judge people, even when we know it's the wrong thing to do.

The most memorable thing was whenever they mentioned the sons of liberty.  It was nice knowing people cared.  I also enjoyed the graveyard.  It reminded me of when Ms. B. said the Revolutionary War changed our lives.  it did and I was honored to be walking in their presence.  It was cool to see Sam Adams grave too since he helped create the sons of liberty.