Mercy Wins Recycling Award!

Mercy is honored to be the recipient of a recycling award from the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District this year, Outstanding Waste Reduction in a School.

"I stress to my students that the work we do together is really about learning how to care for the earth, forming new habits, and finding value in our efforts to make a difference.  We make the difference for them, for their future, and for people and other living things all over the world."   

- Jocelyn Welch, Farmessori/Erdkinder Directress

We are grateful to continue and improve our efforts in the school to reduce our impact on the Earth.  This year we have:

  • Added additional waste stations to classrooms (Recycling, Food Waste & Landfill)
  • Collected spent K-Cups and use them as tiny pots for starting seedlings
  • Created Plastic Mats:  After collecting plastic bags from the school community, students weaved them into mats.  The mats are used by the students to allow them to sit anywhere and stay clean and dry during their outdoor classroom time.  We calculated that we will repurpose nearly 40,000 bags!
  • Increased Composting: This year we have partnered with GoZERO and have kept some 1,700 gallons of food and other compostables out of the landfill!

“. . . care for the Earth and make it a better place -- we're the generation that is going to help clean up the Earth; we're the next generation.”

-Reese, 8th Level

Mercy is featured on page 15/16 of the Hamilton County Newsletter, "WasteLess".  Click here to read.