The Guides of Mercy Montessori

by Jocelyn Welch, Mercy Montessori Erdkinder/Farmessori Guide, 2021


We the guides of Mercy Montessori,

teach through materials and story.


We commit ourselves to the development of the whole child;

We nurture the tame and the wild.


But the whole child is lost without its whole community,

From every person, chicken, and honey bee.


Our walk of life will not confine us to 4 walls and filtered air,

We must remember the wonders of “out there.”

We must remember that our one Earth is for us to share.

We must remember that as stewards it is our job to care.


The lesson here is not new:

I do, We do, You do.


From the Golden Bead Chain (which can take up a lot of space),

To learning that independent work is not a race,

Each lesson we teach requires various steps and attention to detail.

Whether conducting research, using 3-Part-Cards, or introducing a pumpkin to a nail.


We go the extra mile to show our students the way,

We model, repeat, and encourage everyday.


While I may be biased as to which lesson is the most essential,

I bet we agree that all deserve a life that is happy and healthful.


To ensure this opportunity for our children, their children, and the next,

We must recognize inconveniences, our habits, and take the hard steps.


Prioritize all the little things,

For we know collectively what the effort brings.

With every item reused, recycled, or piece of food sent to decompose,

It all adds up, each choice matters, and awareness grows.


So join me, take a step back and pause for a review,

Of all the big and little things we do (and don’t do).


Our actions, even when they are not looking, help to pave the way.

We work for them, for a brighter future, for resilience, come what may.