Junior High Field Study: Day Three – Museum of Science, Boston Tea Party, Fenway

April 26, 2017

Dear Parents,

Another day in paradise on the junior high class trip!

To begin the adventure-packed day we headed off to the Museum of Science. We watched how lighting and electricity is conducted and saw baby chicks being hatched. These were just a few of many things we saw. After a quick trip to the cafeteria (and the gift shop) we were headed off to the Boston Tea Party Museum.  At this destination, we were all given a new identity and got to throw over 100 pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor. FIE FIE BRITISH!!

One of the most liked parts of the day was the Quincy and Faneuil Market. Here we all watched the great Black Swan perform freestyle rap about how much a bunch of Cincinnati kids stood out in the Boston crowd. After that break, we headed off to the famous Fenway Park. We watched the Yankees (the best team) and the Red Sox play against each other. The stadium was filled with screams and hollers, which were mostly carried out from the Mercy Montessori junior high. After good nights and a few stories from the early day we were off to bed to dream of what the next day would hold.

Until next time,

The new authors in town,

Greta and Essa and the junior high students