Mercy Montessori Girls Volleyball: Fun, Friendship, and Learning

The junior high girls volleyball team has been having an impressive string of victories in competition: consecutive wins for four games after a slow start in their first weekend.

Coaches Britt Castellini and Kristi Vredeveld have been assisted by Keri Butkovitch and her super-player daughter, Maggie Butkovitch (from the 6-9 level), to enhance the player's skills.   Many of the girls had no volleyball experience before these past two months.

In true Mercy spirit, the first weekend's losses seem to have inspired the girls to work together as a team more effectively and amp up their contender status instead of leaving them downhearted.

One example of how big their hearts are was on display this past weekend. After beating the New Richmond Lions in two matches, the Lions agreed with an official that Mercy team member, Katherine Cassedy, who has downs syndrome, could move forward on the court and possibly make her first-ever serve over the net during a game. (She had done this in practice before but was a bit nervous and hadn't yet done so during a game.)


The coaches made Kitty their MVP, "most valuable player", of the game. She was so surprised and the spectators were touched. What a celebration there was on the court!

It was a classic Mercy Montessori moment.

Our girl's junior high volleyball team, their coaches and helper, Maggie, are the best.  They have kept the focus on fun, friendship, and learning- a winner every time no matter what the final score in a competition is.

Thank you to Christine Cassedy for sharing this story and photos.