Alumni News: Charlie Klesa Selected for School of American Ballet

An update on Charlie Klesa, a former Mercy student, and his incredible success in the competitive world of ballet.  His mother, Molly, shared his accomplishments with one of our Upper Elementary teachers via email. We are so proud of Charlie!

This summer, Charlie attended the summer intensive program at the School of American Ballet in NYC. It’s a a very difficult program to get into, so he was happy to be accepted. They take about 200 kids of 8,000 auditioning.

The last week of the program, I got a call from the director asking if Charlie could stay and train for the year!  Even though we weren’t thinking of sending him away just yet, they persisted, saying he was not young in ballet years and had so much potential, they really would love for him to come this year if possible. They offered full scholarship for room board and tuition and are even paying for his academic brick and mortar high school—Professional Children’s School, two blocks from his dorm. It’s an incredible opportunity!  We obviously accepted and Charlie is on his way!

He is readjusting to school life, hours, and homework but has seamlessly transitioned into life in NYC, ballet, and dorm life.  It seems he was meant to be doing this, so there’s a definite ease when it comes to Charlie and ballet.

I love sharing all of this with you because, aside from family, Charlie’s school family—his teachers and peers, had an equal hand in guiding, pushing, allowing and accepting that enabled him to be where he is. I was telling a fellow ballet boy mom how I came across an article about boys in ballet and how there needs to be a movement to stop the bullying. I get teary every time I tell the story because my kid doesn’t know that world because of mercy. Charlie was not only not bullied or teased—his ballet success was celebrated. He is proud, not embarrassed and when you can dance confidently, it shows. truly, THANK YOU a million times over, for doing what you do. The impact of teachers!!!