Mercy Soccer: 2019 State Tournament Runners-Up


Congratulations to the Mercy CoEd Kickers Team!

2019 State Runners-Up


It was an incredible and exciting weekend of soccer that ended with the Mercy CoEd Kickers team competing in the state championship game. The weekend started with a Saturday match against Jamestown, OH, where the team utilized their spacing, and passing skills to win 2-0. The coaches from the other team made it a point to come over and speak with our kids about how impressed they were with our skills and teamwork. The win Saturday propelled the Kickers into the final four and two matches on Sunday.

It was a frosty and cold start to the day on Sunday, but the chill didn't last long once Mercy took the field. Their first opponent was St. William, a team that was built to make a run at the state title. For 60 minutes the two teams battled to 1-1 tie. An additional 16 minutes of overtime were tacked on to try to settle the match, but the score stayed tied. It was now time for PK's. Both teams, parents, and coaches made their way to the designated penalty kick area. With parents lining both sides of the PK goal, and the teams standing side by side. Mercy has been in PK shootouts before, and that experience helped them prevail and advance to state championship match.

The run for Mercy came to an end in the title game. A group of young men from Georgetown, OH were ready for Mercy, and ready for their own championship. After finishing in the final four last year, Georgetown was poised for their own title. It was a hard fought match, but Mercy lost by a final of 4-0.

There was nothing about the weekend that should cause any Mercy player or parent to lower their head. They made it further than any Mercy team has in the past. The Kickers were amazing, with teamwork and sportsmanship on full display. Congratulations to all!