Distance Learning

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Mike DeWine has announced that K-12 school buildings will remain closed for the rest of the academic year.  In response to this, Mercy Montessori has transitioned to distance learning and is committed to providing our personalized Montessori education for our students while they are home.  While we are sad to be apart from our students and families, we share in the hope that we will be together again in the fall.

Here are some samples of our remote learning video lessons from each division and some photos of our hardworking students from their remote classrooms.  We are so proud of our teachers for quickly making the transition to technology driven learning to maintain connection with our students.

How Mercy Prepared for Distance Learning: Vice Principal, Krista Taylor’s Blog Post

Distance Learning Email: Each Sunday night the school sends a comprehensive email outlining the distance learning lessons for the week.  Click here to see Mercy’s Week One distance learning email.

Preprimary (3 years – 6 years)

Europe Map from Mercy Montessori on Vimeo.

Lower Elementary (6 years – 9 years)

Upper Elementary (9 years – 12 years)

Amazing Arthropods from Mercy Montessori on Vimeo.

Junior High (12 years – 14 years)

The Book Thief Intro Video from Mercy Montessori on Vimeo.

Farmessori + Spanish Lesson (Mercy Specials – All Levels)

La Granjassori Part 2 from Mercy Montessori on Vimeo.

Krista’s Story Time

Krista’s Story Time from Mercy Montessori on Vimeo.